Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Revit Final Composition

This is my final composition for BIM for interior design. Our deliverable was create a raw Revit rendering, then post-process it using any technique desired.  I chose to enhance the raw rendering using a Wacom Intuos tablet and photoshop.  

The space is an interactive sushi restaurant, where patrons can simply enjoy the environment while they dine, or participate in the unique sushi making experience before they dine, similar to a cooking school.  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

----> Out 2 Launch 2013 <----

Out 2 Launch is a unique opportunity for students to showcase their work in career fair format, while potential employers circulate to get a glimpse at the next wave of SCAD graduates.  As an invitee to this exclusive event, I am attaching a link to the website here.  While the list of students and employers for 2013 has yet to be updated, this should give you a general idea of the event.  Enjoy and hope to see you there!

Senior Capstone Project Book

Be sure to check out the Senior Capstone Project page at the top of the toolbar to get a complete overview of the project in book format!

We're half way there! 10 weeks to go!! Commencement is June 1st! Click here to read about SCAD 2013 commencement ceremonies.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Concept Development - Senior Capstone Project

A concept was developed for not only the overall project, but also the most important programs within the project.  These programs and concepts will help drive the final design. 

Programming - Senior Capstone Project

Before any design can begin, we must identify the problem and find what the minimum space requirements are for each program.